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The Most In-Demand Virtual Assistant Services


If you are an entrepreneur considering starting a business, you may want to consider some of the most in-demand virtual assistant services. Virtual assistants are on the rise as more positions worldwide become remote and the need for virtual assistants is growing. Virtual assistants may offer a variety of administrative services or focus on one specific area of business. Here are some of the most in-demand virtual assistant services for your consideration:



One of the most common tasks that potential clients request from virtual assistants is research. This could involve anything from conducting market research to finding contact information for a potential client. Virtual assistants who conduct research typically command a generous $17 to $28 hourly rate. 


Creative and Content Writing

Another popular request from clients is in finding a virtual assistant to take on creative and content writing. This could include anything from writing blog posts and articles to creating social media content. Because these tasks are in high demand, a virtual assistant in this role can earn an hourly rate of $22 to $29. 


Social Media Management

With social media becoming extremely popular, it’s no surprise that clients often request social media management services from virtual assistants. This role could involve anything from creating and scheduling posts to engaging with followers. The average pay for social media management is $24 to $29 hourly.


Customer Service

Customer service representatives are always in demand and the role can be easily filled by a virtual assistant. This position can involve anything from answering customer questions, providing feedback and offering direction, to handling customer complaints and arranging refunds. A virtual assistant with strong, positive customer skills will be perfect for this type of position. A customer service representative will make on average $18 to $23 hourly.


Calendar Management

Busy executives often need calendar management and other structured tasks to be completed. Virtual assistants are called upon to fill this role, as it is a flexible one. Calendar management involves creating and managing schedules, appointments, and events. It requires someone who is organized and good at time management. The hourly pay for a calendar management virtual assistant is anywhere from $23 to $29.


General Administrative Tasks 

One of the most popular services requested by executives is that of a virtual assistant who can oversee a variety of general administrative tasks. This position calls for flexibility, excellent time management capabilities and positive people skills. A virtual assistant will be paid anywhere from $27 to $33 per hour in this role.



These are just a sampling of the most in-demand virtual assistant services. If you are considering starting a virtual assistant business, the growth in this industry is significant and the flexibility to construct your job exactly as you’d like is inviting. As an entrepreneur operating your own business, you can garner a significant profit while assisting others. 

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